GDPR Policy

Pearls Hotels Group

General Data Protection Regulation
Policy and Procedure

Our organization

Pearl Hotels is made of Pearl Hotels Holdings who own and operate the following companies:

  • Pearl Hotels Gatwick Ltd t/a Holiday Inn London Gatwick Worth
  • Pearl Hotels Slough LLP t/a Holiday Inn Express Slough

What information do we have?

As required by law and to protect our guests, we request some personal information prior to allow guests to stay at our premises.

These personal details include:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email Address
  • Car registration, make and colour

To secure and facilitate payment, as it is widespread practice in our industry, we obtain payment details, usually in the form Credit Card. If their accommodation is to be settled by a third party, and when required, we keep details of their booking agent or company as proof of the arrangement and to backup any invoices sent out.

We also keep records of our staff and contractors.

This information is in the form of:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email Address
  • CVs
  • HMRC submissions
  • Passport and other forms of ID
  • Driving License (if applicable)

How do we obtain our information?

Guest’s information is primarily obtained via their booking records and the check-in registration form (records). We also obtain email addresses via an online portal guests use to access log in to our WiFi network. Other ways of obtaining information is via online and paper forms created by marketing.

Where is our information kept?

Information related to guests are mainly kept in our property maintenance system, Amadeus. This is the system we use to register and invoice our guests, travel agencies and companies. It will contain most of the personal details from guests.

Emails are also kept in an excel database for marketing purposes if permissions obtained from the guests. This file is only accessed by our sales and marketing team.

Car details are kept in a online database, accessed by our car park drivers, in order to locate each vehicle.

Records, invoices and booking details are kept in file boxes and cabinets in the finance department during the financial year for easy access in case of queries. After this period, they are kept in archive boxes and locked in storage both on and outside storage.

Who do we share our information with?

The information we hold is not usually shared but kept to meet requirements from HMRC. All data is protected behind system passwords, other encryption and later in locked storage facilities with limited access.

Emails are shared/uploaded with a mailing distribution system, Red Circle, who uses its own encryption.

How do we dispose of information when no longer required?

Paper forms, once are no longer required are shredded by a third company.

Digital formats are kept in the system.

Documenting what we know

All documents used to obtain information is logged on an Information Asset Register.

Data Protection Officers

The ultimate responsibility lies within each hotel’s General Manager and the Finance Director for the group.